What International Employers Are Looking for in Candidates

If you are seeing to work in an international organisation or a global standard company, then there are a few things that you have to take note of, as they could be deciding factors for whether you will be given the job or not. Yes you might say you’ve got the skills, but so do a lot of other people. These unique things, make you stand out from the rest and be irresistable to your employers.

High Communication Skills

For you to succeed in the international scale, you need to be able to communicate effectively and clearly with your clients and co-workers. There would be meetings, briefs and discussions with various stakeholders and people should not be struggling to understand what you are saying. This does not mean you should form an accent to try to sound like a foreigner. That is a big mistake. The accents in Africa are beautiful and unique and they represent your identity. I mean you can tell an English man from an American from their speech. What you need to focus on is understanding how words are pronounced effectively and how to take the right pauses and stresses as you speak to convey your message in a way that it can be understood clearly. This might require you to listen to more international news channels or sign up for a communication class. A good recommendation will be Speaking Queen Bee, as they are tailored to help Africans speak better.

Computer Skills

A lot of your work is going to be done on computers and all your electronic devices. You need to be up-to-date on how to use these devices and work tools effectively that will make you more efficient and productive and of course faster at delivering all you are required to. You should not be struggling to know how to set up a video conferencing app like zoom when the whole office is waiting for you to come in for a meeting. In fact, this will tell from your interview as your interviews will be done via a video conferencing app of the companies choosing. Learn how to use these apps long before you need to.

Great Work Ethics

I have interviewed a lot of people in the past and honestly, this is where a lot of people fail. The first place to know if you have good work ethics begins from your application or your resume. A lot of people do not spend adequate time creating a great resume or cover letter, but put down shabby information about their professional profile, thereby telling the employer that you are not really serious. The next point is at the place of responding to interview emails. Some people reply to emails with loads of abbreviations as if you were too lazy to complete your sentences properly. If that’s the case, then it only shows how you would treat the employer’s work. Some ask irrelevant questions like “What job is this for again?” or “How much are you offering?”, as if they are doing the employer a favour. While I understand that you might have applied for multiple jobs and have lost count of which offer is which, the onus is on you to do your research on to recall what the job is for and typically it will be sent in the interview insight. Your work ethics play a major role in deciding if you are retained after your probation. So, make sure you attend to emails promptly, be on time for meetings, finish your work before the deadline and make sure that the quality of work is of great standard because some people finish the work on time but there would be so many errors that it will take double the time to fix it. We encourage all applicants on StellarBiz to have quality and speed as your signature.

Bi-Lingual or Multi-Lingual

The ability to speak multiple international languages wides your opportunities and makes you stand out. A lot of international organisations do business across several countries and so they need workers who can communicate with the various stakeholders wherever their businesses are located. Think about this, If you can speak French and English you would be a better candidate for an organisation in Quebec than others wh do not know French. The fact still remains that people feel more comfortable doing business with people that speak their language and undertsnad their culture. So when you are learning a language, ensure you learn about the culture so you know how best to relate to the people there so as not to step on any toes and ruin good business opportunies by mistakenly disrespecting someones culture. Imagine insulting a cow in India. That will be a disaster.

Professional Knowledge and Certifications

A lot of companies will be skeptical about your professional knowledge and expertise and they might not necessarily trust the certiicate of your university. I mean people some people still believe that majority of Africans still live in mud houses and use animals as taxi. However, the onus is on you to remove any doubt that they might have regarding your expertise. This is why you should endeavour to bag internationally recognised certifications in your area of discipline. This way they can see that you a well knowledgable to meet their expected standard and ofcoursed shock them by exceeding it. It is the African way.

Are you ready for your next interview? Take good note of these great tips and when you get the job, do leave a comment to say thank you. I would be looking forward to seeingyour comments, and pleas add other skills that you belive are crucial.

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