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In my journey through various startups and SMEs, there has been a constant theme: “brilliant ideas, big goals, and passion”. Looking critically, I have realised that many factors outside of the “big idea” become the deciding factor in the success or failure of a business. Circling through businesses, the constant top 5 problems I have identified have been: Poor market research leading to unrealistic business plans and goals; Unstructured business processes; Ignorant marketing; Poor branding; and Poor human resource management. When these factors are present in a startup or SME, the big idea becomes like a good seed planted in thin and rocky soil. Though it might grow for a while, it surely withers away even after being watered with money.

StellarBiz was birthed to give startups and SMEs, especially and of course large enterprises across the globe, with a good fertile soil that allows their big ideas to thrive and grow to stellar heights. In doing so, we provide a solid platform that connects businesses across the globe with skilled professionals in Africa. We realise that not every company can immediately hire the staff strength that they need to achieve their goals, yet we provide the steady human resource centre where businesses can find highly talented yet affordable services from professionals of various industries, and work with these hands over time, and gradually integrate them into their respective companies.

This platform allows the hiring process to be easy, straightforward and cost-effective yet also provides great benefits for the workers as it gives them the opportunity to hone their skills to meet global standards, gain global experiences, earn a better income, and grow their economies.

By getting your hire from StellarBiz, you help to grow Africa and give the grass-root a source of livelihood and experience that teaches them to fish which is more sustainable than giving them fish. The unemployment rate in Africa is drastically high, with limited jobs, more and more Africans go into freelance and entrepreneurial jobs, yet with the harsh economic situation, it yields to a poor turn out of clientele. To give these young professionals a chance to grow and shine bright, we must integrate them to the global world.  We are on a move to get Africa developed and it needs you and me.

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StellarBiz is the cord that connects skilled workers in Africa to companies across the world, bridging the labour gap strongly needed in developed countries, to the wide labour supply available in Africa.

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