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We are Africa’s No.1 International Job Website. We connect qualified African professionals, across various sectors and levels, to employers across the world. Our platform is not limited to individual professionals alone, but also SME’s looking for global clients. It doesn’t matter where you are, at home or in the diaspora, we want to connect the African workforce to great opportunities in order to develop our continent and advance the world in the process.

The world is one global village, so our goal is to ensure African skills and talents are not limited to the local community but shine bright on a global scale.

Toyosi Akeju

By employing workers at StellarBiz, you not only reduce your recruitment costs greatly, through our simplified, quick and cost-effective process, time and cost, but also gain quality, hardworking and resilient workers. Plus, you double to help reduce the unemployment rate in Africa while growing the economy of Africa and your home country together.

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What StellarBiz Offers

StellarBiz offers a lot of benefits to both job seekers and employers

GLOBAL JOBS African professionals in diverse sectors can now begin to work for companies across the globe as freelancers, contract workers, part-time workers and full-time workers, and can work for one or multiple companies.

EARN IN FOREIGN CURRENCY African professionals can begin earning in foreign currency which will serve to impact their finances positively.

BETTER EARNING STANDARD In working for companies across the globe, you get the opportunity to earn a great global standard value for the work you do.

COST-EFFECTIVE RECRUITMENT The cost of finding the right candidate can be quite high, thereby hindering lots of recruiters, hence our decision to make this platform affordable to help quality employers find quality workers.

UNLIMITED JOB POSTING StellarBiz is open to enable you post as many jobs as possible for all the positions you need filled, with the possibility to feature up to 80 jobs within a year. This is an awesome deal.

VIEW UNLIMITED RESUMES Our ever-growing resume database is available for you to view. Plus, you can download resumes, so you can recruit workers at your own pace, outside the platforms.

About StellarBiz

StellarBiz is the cord that connects skilled workers in Africa to companies across the world, bridging the labour gap strongly needed in developed countries, to the wide labour supply available in Africa.

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